open: vcfa

VCFA class of Aprill 2016


VCFA Spring 2016 MFA Graphic Design Thesis Show



to be open:_______ 
means having no enclosing or confining barrier
completely free from concealment
exposed to general view or knowledge
exposed or vulnerable to attack or question
having no protective covering
not restricted to a particular group or category of participants
having clarity and resonance unimpaired by undue tension or constriction
characterized by ready accessibility and usually generous attitude
willing to hear and consider or to accept and deal with
free from reserve or pretense






open:_______  will be exhibited in College Hall at Vermont College of Fine Arts
in Montpelier, Vermont from April 11–16, 2016.

Opening reception: Friday, April 15, 7-9pm
36 College Street, Montpelier, VT

Open to the public: April 11-16, 2016

Tuesday, April 12, 10-8:30pm
Wednesday, April 13, 10-8pm
Thursday, April 14, 12-6pm
Friday, April 15, 2-9pm
Saturday, April 16, 10-7pm

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